importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


Import from China / Import of goods from China / Import of any type of goods from China in the shortest time with Alivala trading

Import goods from china

واردات کالا از چین
واردات کالا از چین

Iran is an important economic and trade partner for China in the Middle East, and China's trade with Iran and imports from China date back to the ancient Silk Road in the first century BC. In recent years, the two countries have had regular high-level contacts, and bilateral economic and trade cooperation has continuously deepened.

Iran is also an important market for investment and overseas project contracts for China, as well as a key source of energy imports for the country.

In general, over the past two decades, China has emerged as Iran's largest trading partner, and the total volume of trade between the two countries exceeds 20 billion dollars annually. As a major industrial supplier, China mainly exports electrical machinery, broadcasting equipment, auto parts, organic chemicals and rubber tires to Iran.

In the rest of this section, stay with us to learn more about the list of goods imported from China to Iran and also to know the best products for importing goods from China.

List of goods imported from China to Iran

Iran's import in 2020 is estimated at 22.2 billion dollars. This dollar amount represents a 48% decrease from 2016 and a 36.9% decrease from 2019 to 2020.

On average, Iran's international purchases include: China (24.9%), United Arab Emirates (13.8%), India (6.4%), Turkey (6.3%), Germany (5.9%), Switzerland (5.1%), South Korea (5%), Russia. (3.3%), Italy (2.8%) then Great Britain (2.6%).

From a continental perspective, nearly two-thirds (65.4%) of Iran's total imports in terms of value in 2020 were purchased from Asian countries. European trading partners provided 31.3% of import purchases. A smaller percentage came from Latin America (1.9%), excluding Mexico, but including the Caribbean, North America (0.5%), Oceania (0.4%), Australia and New Zealand only, and then Africa (0.3%).

The main import of goods from China by Iran includes the following:

Broadcast equipment ($2.23 billion)

Corn ($1.09 billion)

Rice ($885 million)

Auto parts ($625 million)

soybeans ($548 million)

The best goods to import from China Major imports from China

China is one of the major producers of unique and cheap goods. By providing the right items to import goods from China, Chinese goods can be used to generate profitability and high profit growth.

Whether it's clothes, furniture or electronic devices, you can always find innovative solutions from China. If you are planning to import goods from China, you should check the list of the best goods to import from China and their value

In the following, 20 profitable items for importing goods from China have been identified, which are based on profit margin, demand and other factors, and will be a general guide to help you start an import business.

Everyday products for importing goods from China

If you are thinking of importing products from China, selling them 100% and making a good profit, consider the following.


China offers a variety of sunglasses at an incredible cost. Sunglasses are produced on a very large scale.


T-shirts are classified as cheap Chinese products, amazing fabric. Trendy designs are available throughout the year. You can always buy and sell as much as you want

Pet clothes

Sometimes things made in China are unrecognizable unless you see the label. Pet clothes are one of the hottest items that stay on trend all year round.

Phone protective glass

These protective glass brands are accepted all over the world. No one can doubt the price and quality of this product


Socks are one of those items that come up when people search for Chinese products online. Everyone needs them, and Chinese manufacturers offer them at a value you can't imagine

Typical products made in China

These products are only invented and manufactured by the Chinese, and few other countries follow this path, but these kinds of creative and thoughtful products are sold and can be among the very good choices for importing goods from China:

Portable mini fan with USB

A small USB powered fan that you can connect with your laptop and work anywhere outside without worrying about the weather.

Wireless bluetooth headphones

Although Apple invented this product, they are so expensive that not everyone can afford a pair. China offers this product like the originals but at a cheaper price and in a variety of new trendy designs

Mini air humidifier

This mini product came true as a dream of some people who needed something like it but no one had found a solution for it before. This is a humidifier that impresses you with its capabilities and is portable.

Small portable air cooler

Things from Chinese manufacturers have a long product list that includes portable products that no one has ever thought of. The mini cooler works for one or two people, offering a fresh cool breeze anytime, anywhere.

Bluetooth mini speaker

Just as wired hands-frees are now obsolete, so are small speakers. Now they are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. You can enjoy music on the go

Creative products made in China

If you are thinking of creating a great and unique sales market for yourself by importing new and creative goods and products, you can consider these suggestions for importing goods from China.

Automatic instant tent

Tents and camps are things that did not evolve. But Chinese wholesale suppliers and manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to bring innovation to any product they think can evolve.

Creative illusion lamp

It makes your room fun and full of life. The list of Chinese products is full of such innovative, beautiful and creative products that you can count on to import goods from China.

Stainless steel drinking straw

No one ever thought of making straws with stainless steel for repeated use. But as we move towards cleaning our grounds, stainless steel straws can be helpful.

Small monocular telescope

For those who can't afford the actual cost of buying a telescope, they can practice on it and gaze at the stars

Functional products made in China

There are also a series of functional products that are among the best options for importing goods from China, and they will certainly bring good sales.

Mobile phone holder

After this product was created, it created a lot of space for mobile users. This product can save you from accidents when used in a car and allows you to track your route on Google Maps while driving.

Sports water bottle

Staying hydrated is a very important thing, every human on earth needs it, no doubt about it. So you need to stay more hydrated during your physical activities, this is where the sports water bottle plays its role.

Vegetable chopper

Like anything else that changes, kitchen utensils and tools need to be updated to minimize cooking time as well as food waste.

smart watch

After the massive success of smartphones, there's no need to check your phone every few seconds, smartwatches have you covered. Smart watches track your movements and activities and show the time

How can I find new and popular products to import from China?

Finding the best products online is one of the most important steps in importing goods from China, and before finalizing the deal, you should learn about the latest and trending products to import. In fact, you can guarantee more profit by buying the most popular products, and for this purpose, the need for preferred products varies with time.

For example, these days, most consumers demand smart devices, posture correcting products, accessories and footwear. Therefore, there is a need to have information about trending products. The following steps can help you find a popular product before importing from China

The internet is the best source for finding the most popular products to import

You can search the official page of each supplier to get the answer

Google Trends helps you see what's trending right now with detailed keyword searches

You can also analyze data from previous years. If it gradually shows up and down, it means that the product is seasonal

If you see a steady increase in demand, it's worth adding to your store and selling from them

You should check the data of the last five years. A yearly trade cannot help you understand the demand for the product

After confirming the product demand, try to contact the supplier and bring that product to your customers


Chinese suppliers produce high-quality goods at competitive prices, which is why most popular products are made in China. Importing goods from China is a powerful way to increase the profitability of your retail business. The success of your business depends on choosing the right products to sell, and the above are low-risk, high-margin propositions.

Import from China / Import of goods from China / Import of goods from China with Alivala company

Guidance for Import from china

Guidance for Import from china
Guidance for Import from china

Procedures for importing goods from China

China offers various products and goods such as household appliances, clothes, toys, electrical appliances, electronic appliances, hygiene and cosmetics and other items. China has succeeded in conquering the global markets by manufacturing various electronic equipment and supplies at a cheap price, and has caused these goods to be exported quickly and in large quantities to other countries in the world.

This country has also provided good job opportunities for new business owners. In the rest of the article, we will provide you with explanations about the steps of importing goods from China.

Goods imported from China

Among the most important goods that are imported from China to Iran are items such as various household appliances, medical and pharmaceutical devices and equipment, office equipment, various decorative items, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, mobile phones, computers and Laptops, toys, and other various goods mentioned. According to the laws of China, these goods have their own rules, that's why it is very important to understand the conditions of the import laws from China and the procedures for importing goods from China. Have information. 

Introducing the steps of importing goods from China

What is the process and stage of goods arrival from China?

The stages of importing goods from China are different, like the process of importing goods from other countries, and the goods are divided into different groups based on the type and tariff code they have, and things like duties and customs fees are also included in the process of importing goods from China. It will be them.

According to the process of entering any product into the country, necessary permits must be obtained for the import and clearance of goods from China. For example, permits such as health permits, permits from the Food and Drug Administration, standards, and other items that must be obtained in the shortest possible time so that the customs clearance procedures can be completed as quickly as possible without any particular problems.

Also, for doing business with China, it is necessary to know information so that people interested in this work and businessmen can buy and sell goods in China with a clear and open perspective. Because every person has as much information as possible about the law and conditions of import and clearance of goods from China and is more knowledgeable in this field, the clearance of goods from China is done easier and faster. Also, you must follow all the steps of importing goods from China carefully.

First step: Knowing the manufacturer or seller of the desired product in China

Traders and businessmen who intend to import Chinese goods must first identify the manufacturer or seller of the product they want and find complete information about it, because if you cannot find the seller and manufacturer, you cannot make a purchase. Do the good and the easy. But identifying and finding the manufacturer or seller of the product also has several steps that make it easy for you to find and buy the desired product. It is better to follow all steps of importing goods from China for your convenience.

Negotiating and talking about goods

To buy the product you want from different Chinese companies, you have to negotiate a lot with the seller and manufacturers of this product. It is not possible to register a commercial contract without spending hours on the product and the price according to the opinion of Iranian businessmen.

Also, you should specify the amount of goods you intend to buy from the Chinese company in the negotiation with the Chinese companies. In negotiations and discussions with Chinese sellers, you should pay attention to the delivery time of the goods, the quality rating of the goods, and other characteristics of the goods at the time of signing the contract and define them well. 

Taking product samples from the Chinese seller

Before you sign the contract between the Chinese seller and yourself, the seller must send a sample of the product to the buyer so that you can test the quality and suitability of the product in proportion to your work to be sure of this. become

Testing the shipped goods

One of the most important stages of importing goods from China is this stage, which is for testing the goods, before the contract is signed and before the goods are fully delivered, you must test the goods completely. In the product testing stage, items such as product weight, physical and technical testing of products should be done to make sure about the health and accuracy of the products and to fully check the samples sent by the seller.

Obtaining the proforma and packing list from the product manufacturer or seller

After the proforma invoice is sent by the Chinese seller or manufacturer and the buyer approves it, the final contract can be signed between the two parties. If the product you want is not available in the warehouse of the manufacturer or seller. The manufacturer or seller of goods produces the desired goods by taking some of the purchase cost. Transferring the amount of money from the buyer to the seller or the Chinese manufacturer can be done in different ways, taking into account the terms and conditions of this transfer, it is done by the currency remittance method.

Second step: order registration

Taking into account the new regulations regarding the import and clearance of various goods from China, the last step, which is the registration of the order, must be registered in the warehouse receipt system to pass this step. For this reason, when the warehouse bill is received, the experts immediately register the order for the imported goods.

Also, in this part of the process of importing goods from China, the Ministry of Commerce experts must check and confirm the order registered in the system. It can take up to one business day to confirm your order. After the product declaration code is confirmed by the registration system, this issue is communicated to the customs. The notification period also takes about one day, and in general, it can be said that the time required to register an order is one to two days.

Customs declaration

After getting the order registration code in the system, it is time for the declaration stage. The goods clearance process also starts from the stage of completing the declaration and registering it in the customs system. At this stage, items such as the type of goods, number of goods, trade mark, technical specifications of the goods, value of the goods, weight of the goods and other necessary specifications are carefully checked when the goods enter the customs.

Inspection of the declaration by customs experts

At this stage of the process of importing goods from China, experts and people who have the task of evaluating the goods at the customs, carefully check the specifications mentioned in the product sheet and after making sure that the product conforms to the specifications listed in the sheet, they They confirm. Similarly, the customs value circle confirms the mentioned value after careful examination and announces the result.

The third step: giving the necessary documents to carry out the goods clearance

Various documents for the clearance of different goods from China must be submitted to the customs, and the work clearance must submit all of them to the customs, including the warehouse receipt, proforma invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin and packing list. This stage is one of the most important stages of importing goods from China.

Obtaining necessary permits

In addition to the permits we mentioned, it is necessary and obligatory to submit them to the customs for all different goods. The product in question needs to receive a standard certificate or special permits from the relevant authorities, for example, depending on the type of product, it may be necessary to provide a certificate from the medical system, telecommunications or other cases.

If you cannot provide these licenses completely, your goods will not be approved by the customs experts and the correctness of the goods will not be confirmed according to the listed specifications. Rather, in addition to obtaining the necessary permit, the costs related to the clearance of the goods must be paid in full by the importer, and he must also take a printout of the goods export permit, which is similar to the declaration.

exit door

We have reached the last steps of importing goods from China. Finally, after all the clearance steps have been done correctly, a means of transporting goods must be provided to transport the importer's goods to any region of the country so that the goods can be placed on it. loaded and the desired vehicle carrying the desired goods should be sent to the customs exit door.

At the exit door, as you would expect, all the steps are checked from beginning to end, and after all the items have been completely re-checked and the correctness of the goods has been confirmed, the goods exit stamp is placed on the certificate.