importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


import goods from China to Iran / import any type of goods from China to Iran in the shortest time with Alivala trading company

Import goods from china to iran

Import from china
Import from china

Do you know how to import from China to Iran? Do you know which products can be imported into Iran? China is one of the big and powerful commercial countries that has been able to become one of the economically developed countries by increasing its export level in recent years. Iran also has the most trade with China and imports many of its products from this country. International trade, which includes imports from China to Iran and even other countries, requires a lot of experience and skill, which we will provide further explanations in this regard.

Clearance of goods by natural and legal persons

Imports from China to Iran can be counted as one of the most important economic activities that contribute to the economic progress of different societies. Now, the import stage, as one of the most important trades in the world, requires compliance with many points and rules, which you, a natural or legal person, must acquire a lot of information in this regard. Considering the importance and necessity of imports to meet the needs of the market, and since meeting the needs of the market is one of the most important concerns of the government, it has come up with measures to solve this problem. protects. One of the most important points in the field of international trade is who clears the goods from customs?

Clearance of goods is one of the most important stages of import, after which a natural or legal person must take all the necessary measures to clear the cargo. The importance of clearance is to show that your imported goods are entering the country legally and through an authorized route. Customs is usually the place where the imported goods are delivered; However, the clearance must be done only by the buyer or his representative. At this stage, even the price of the shipment is determined, and the value and valuation of each product will definitely be different from the other, considering many parameters. The person who clears the goods must have a lot of experience and information and also be equipped with a business card. A legal person can also do such an activity through a natural person.

Types of imports in the world of international trade

As mentioned, import is done to meet the needs of the market, the imported product can also include all the existing products that are needed in the market. As a person who works in this field and intends to import from China to Iran, you should be familiar with all the dos and don'ts of this field. One of the points that every businessman or every natural or legal person should get information about is getting to know the types of imports. Some types of import or import methods are:

• Definitive import

• One of the types of import methods includes definitive import, according to which you can import a certain type of product by considering all the rules and conditions, as well as obtaining the necessary permits and paying attention to the standards. Now, after paying the customs fees and providing the required documents, a natural or legal person can buy the imported product. You can use this method to import from China to Iran.

• Temporary import

Among the types of import methods, temporary import can also be mentioned. As the name of this method suggests, you have to temporarily import a type of product into the country, taking into account the conditions or under certain conditions. However, this shipment must enter Iran within a specified time and leave the country within a specified time. Usually, such products include products that are in the field of exhibition or research, as well as by government institutions to control a certain disease or other. This shipment may include a product that is imported from China to Iran or it can be imported from another country.

Product seller validation in the international market

To buy from China to Iran, it is not bad for you to get familiar with some important points. Validation is one of the important steps of international trade. The meaning of seller validation is that you, as a new person who does not have much experience in this field, should get a lot of information about the seller or exporter. This is definitely one of your powers as an importer, and you have the right to do a lot of research on the seller of the product and, as a result, make a purchase after making sure. Validation can also be done in international trade, maybe you are a novice and do not have the necessary maturity and want to learn how to validate in international trade. To validate the seller and recognize him before buying and making payments, the following steps should be taken:

• You should request the exporter or manufacturer to send you their business profile.

 • To import from China to Iran and for validation purposes, you can find a lot of information about the relevant company, which is the exporter, through internet search.

• Information sources are also among the most important stages of genealogy. Also, information about the desired company can be obtained through business consultations by other countries.

• The most important method that can definitely gain your trust in the natural or legal person of the exporter is to use the services of embassies. Also, with the help of government information sites, it is possible to ensure the authenticity of the relevant company.

How to validate the seller of the product

• For validation of imports from China to Iran, you can also apply through Iranian cargo companies located in the country of origin. These companies are among the most reliable centers from which you can get information about the exporting company and the exporting person.

 • Technical visit as well as drawing up the contract is one of the most important steps that you can get to know the seller during this stage.

• To import from China to Iran and in order to carry out validation, you can request the exporter to send documents approved by relevant institutions and organizations.

• Examining the product as well as requesting a bank guarantee for advance payment can also be considered in this regard.

Obtaining the necessary permits to import from China to Iran

One of the effective steps in international trade is to receive the necessary permits from institutions and organizations related to this field. Note that some of these licenses are very important like a business card and are considered as an official document and birth certificate of the importer and exporter. The buyer must obtain the necessary permits based on the laws and regulations for permitted importation. Even for import from China to Iran and all countries of the world, this document must be obtained. Some organizations and institutions related to issuing licenses include the Ministry of Industry and Mines. Many users obtain some permissions after doing many business processes, which is a very wrong thing; Because it will slow down their work process. But if they obtain the necessary permits at the appointed time, they will definitely speed up all the import processes.

Order registration license or proforma invoice are among the licenses that are required in the initial steps of import. Of course, the order registration permission must be obtained before issuing the proforma invoice. On the other hand, you should make sure that the imported goods are permitted, conditional or prohibited, and for this purpose, you can also refer to the country's customs import offices and make sure that the relevant goods are not prohibited. Pay attention to this point that in order to obtain the necessary permits, you also need documents and documents, which you must obtain information about in each part separately and along with the required documents and documents to the relevant institutions to obtain the necessary permits. take action Apart from the required documents and documents, the importing natural or legal person must have conditions that are determined based on international laws and laws between the two countries. So, for importing from China to Iran, the first step will be obtaining the necessary permits.

An overview of the international trade of countries

Iran has had commercial relations with many countries in recent years, but it is an important and important point that Iran has the most commercial relations with which countries. The results show that a major part of the country's trade belongs to China and the most imports have been from this country in recent years. Perhaps, considering the current economic conditions of the country and unfair sanctions, these relations are stronger and more than before. For this reason, it can be said that the choice of the country of origin for international trade and even the imported product is influenced by the prevailing conditions and laws, and you should get a lot of information about the imported product and the country with which you are going to do business at the very beginning. do it Sometimes the need for a product in the market may be very high and you may not be able to import the desired product from a country where trade with it is the simplest possible; These are all points that should be considered in international trade.

But in any case, you are obliged to choose a field of activity for importing from China to Iran. For example, you intend to operate in the field of importing food or detergents, even machines and production line devices. In this case, after your field of activity is determined, you should also get a lot of information about your field of activity. Laws may have been established in that area based on the issued directives, and knowing them is one of the important parameters of success in international trade. Of course, another important point is to be familiar with the laws of the country of origin, and all the laws between the two countries that are parties to the transaction should be examined despite the international rules and regulations.


Import and export is an important process that many countries of the world are currently operating in the international market in order to progress or develop themselves. The import of required products and the export of mass production of the country can cause economic prosperity. However, this international business itself is a very vast or complex world, where there are thousands of law articles and different conditions that every businessman must consider in order to succeed in his work. Familiarity with all these matters will help you to increase your business power and be able to compete with your tough competitors in the international market. On the other hand, among all countries, China is one of the first priorities and of course the best Iranian business destinations, and usually the level of imports from China to Iran is much higher than other countries.

The reason for this is because of the advantages that trade with this country has; But doing business with any country will require experience and knowledge. If you are at the beginning of your business, it is better to consult with businesses such as Ali Wala, which cooperates with a reasonable price.

 Buying goods from China / Importing goods from China / Buying and importing goods from China in the shortest time 

How to buy from China

Buy from china
Buy from china

Everything you need to know about buying from China

It is no secret that today China has become one of the top economies in the world and has been able to turn the markets of the whole world into its consumption market. This country has been able to establish its position as one of the largest suppliers of goods in the world, and therefore buying from China is considered a very normal and everyday thing.

There are different qualities for Chinese products and goods. But unfortunately, due to the fact that low-quality goods of this country have entered Iran more than durable and high-quality goods, so Chinese goods are synonymous with low-durable goods in the opinion of many people. But you can never label all Chinese products as low quality

If you are planning to buy goods from China, reading this article can help you and answer many of your questions. Questions related to buying from China without intermediaries, buying from China, paying in Iran, or buying from China with delivery in Iran may come to your mind. Or maybe you are even looking for the best buying agents from China. So we suggest you to read this article to the end. We assure you that many of your questions will be answered at the end.

Statistics of purchasing goods from China

Buying from China is expanding every day and the number of people who want to buy goods from China is increasing every day. Fortunately, there are many facilities and facilities in the field of buying from China, payment in Iran and buying from China, delivery in Iran. And this is the issue that has made buying goods from China easy and convenient.

Also, the price of Chinese products is much lower than similar products, and this is another reason to encourage people to buy from China. Therefore, it is clear that the exchange between these two countries has a high volume. For example, in 2019, according to the statistics published by about 70 ports and customs in Iran, the volume of imports from Iran was worth about 10 billion dollars.

This value indicates the high volume of transactions between these two countries and the purchase of goods in bulk or in part from China. This article can show that the process of trading with China and buying goods from China is profitable. So if you are planning to buy from China, don't hesitate. Just before making a purchase, you need to get more information about this issue, which is our mission!

China's top wholesale sites

Internet shopping has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, and there are probably few people today who are not familiar with this category. Online shopping has many advantages and because of these advantages and convenience, it has gained many fans.

Most manufacturers and large stores have also provided online sales as one of the desirable services for customers. Meanwhile, even large and international businesses are not exempt from this rule. Therefore, online shopping is one of the ways to buy from China. In this section, we are going to address this issue and introduce you to reliable sites that are active in this field.

Ali Express: www.aliexpress.com

It can be said that Ali Express is the largest online store in Asia. This site is established in China and is a part of Alibaba site. The great advantage of this site is its great prices and free shipping. Of course, its high quality should not be overlooked. The site has nearly 44 categories for its products, covering about 6,000 items.

Deal Express: www.dx.com

This site has been in operation since 2006. The Deal Express site includes various categories such as computers, electronic devices, mobile phones, video games, sports equipment and hair dryers. In addition to the mentioned products, it also manages a social media section, a forum, and a blogging section. It is in this section that you can read the opinions and comments that have been expressed. A part of this site is dedicated to auctions.

Dhgate: www.dhgate.com

DH Gate is also one of the largest online stores in Asia. This site has been operating since 2004. It has different categories including electronics, computers, cars and sportswear.

Light in the Box website: www.lightinthebox.com

This store has been operating since 2006. By buying directly from the manufacturer, this site usually has low prices for the products. The products of this site include clothing and beauty products and electronic devices.

Banggood website: www.banggood.com

This site is one of the Chinese suppliers and has been operating since 2004. What makes this site different is the possibility of buying in various fields from China. This site is among the top 10 online sales websites in China, which is mostly active in the field of clothing. But accessories and electronics are also included in its category.

There are other sites that are beyond the scope of this article. Therefore, it is enough to mention their names.

Tiny Deal website www.tinydeal.com

 Focal Price website www.f0calprice.com

China Vision website www.chinavasion.com

Pandawill website www.pandawill.com

Tradetang website www.tradetang.com

Everybuying website www.everybuying.com

 China Buye website www.chinabuye.com

Milano website www.Milanoo.com

Sammy dress site www.sammydress.com

Dress wholesale site www.wholesale-dress.net

Play Asia website www.play-asia.com

Price Angels website www.priceangels.com

Made in China website www.made-in-china.com

Tom Top website www.tomtop.com

Lighttake website www.lighttake.com

Tips to keep in mind when buying from foreign sites:

Maybe there are few people who have not done online shopping. Online shopping is really simple and does not require special expertise. But when you want to buy from foreign sites, it seems necessary to pay attention to some points. These tips can help you make a comfortable purchase, both in small purchases and in general purchases. Observing these tips when buying from China will make you experience a safe and comfortable purchase and you will receive the goods and products you want soon.

The points that it is better to follow when buying Chinese goods from foreign sites are:

It is better to read all the rules of the site carefully before buying.

Currency price fluctuations are a factor that can affect the price of your product. Therefore, in this regard, you must have a high speed in shopping so that you do not suffer from price fluctuations at the time of purchase. Chinese product sales sites do not accept responsibility for currency fluctuations and price changes of the product you are looking for.

It is better to keep the information that they give you from the seller's website regarding your purchased product until you receive the product. And avoid publishing it to avoid any possible problems.

Try to declare your postal address clearly. This address must include the postal code. 

You must make the purchase from your personal bank card. Because if it is found that the deposit was made by someone else, your order may be canceled.

There are different ways to receive goods. You must choose one of these ways to receive your item.

Steps to buy from China

When you want to buy goods from China for business purposes, it is necessary to observe a series of points. It does not matter whether your purchase is online or in person. Anyway, you have to do some steps to buy from China and deliver in Iran. These steps briefly include the following:

Investigating the capital required to buy goods from China: You must make sure that you can afford the costs of buying from China. 

If you want to start your own business, you need to know what to buy. For this, you should check the market needs and high-demand products and then make a purchase.

Choosing the seller: You should check which seller can supply your goods with high quality and low price. There are different ways to choose a vendor. Also, many online stores operate in this field, some of which were mentioned above.

Checking the product specifications and its price: You should check the product provided by the Chinese seller and make sure of the required standards. Also, start haggling over the price.

Receipt of proforma invoice and currency transfer: after agreeing on the price, you must transfer some of the price of the goods in dollar or yuan currency.

Action to receive the goods at the destination: In this section, you must perform customs procedures and obtain the necessary permits. Finally, you can receive your purchased item at your desired destination.

Product sourcing problems

First, we need to provide a definition of sourcing. When you are looking for production sources and shopping centers in order to find goods and products with high quality and low price; You are actually sourcing.

This step is actually one of the most important steps to start doing business with China and buying from China. This step is not very simple and in this process we will be involved in problems and confusions, some of which we will describe in this section.

A large number of suppliers:

There are many suppliers and manufacturers of Chinese goods. When you want to buy from China for the first time, you may not know which manufacturer can be reliable and you will not have any problems in the process of exchanging goods with this supplier. 

 You should do a lot of research regarding the suppliers of goods so that you do not incur losses and lose your capital.

In some cases, it has been observed that the requested item does not match the item sent or the quality of the received item is much lower than the item you purchased. Therefore, you need to be very careful in this field so that you don't get into trouble.

Need to visit factories:

If you want to start doing business with China on a large scale, you should not limit yourself to online shopping. You should be able to visit the suppliers' factories and check the products. This issue is considered one of the necessities of success in buying from China. But this is not a simple matter for those who do not live in China and it requires time, money and expertise.

Language and culture barriers:

It is very good that if you intend to do business with China, you can speak Chinese and be familiar with their culture. Even if you can speak in English, you may still have a misunderstanding in the exchange process and you may not be able to understand each other's meaning well. This issue can affect your agreements and due to misunderstanding of the meaning, mistakes may occur for which none of the parties will take responsibility.

How to find a reliable source of purchase in China? 

Buying goods from China and finding the right source of goods supplier is always an important concern. In this section, we mention some ways to find a reliable source of purchase.

Searching in Internet

This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to find Chinese suppliers. Sites like Alibaba, Made in China and Global Sources can help you in this field. There are thousands of sellers on these sites and you can start your search in a targeted way using the filters that exist.

Some of these sites provide you with complete information from Chinese manufacturers. Information such as factory status, production capacity and quality of manufactured products. But the thing you should pay attention to is that these sites only introduce suppliers and physical producers of goods, and their introduction is not a reason for their reliability. So you have to be very careful to find the reliable manufacturer.

Trade fairs

Every year, many Chinese manufacturers hold many exhibitions in different countries. You can attend these exhibitions and communicate closely with the producers and talk with them. Check their products and make sure about their quality and also the ability to do business with them.

Sourcing agencies or purchase brokers from China

There are many agencies that have a lot of experience and skill in this field and will do it for you for a commission. Buying brokers from China can also do this for you. So you can safely entrust your work to them.

The costs that you have to bear to buy from China and deliver in Iran.

When you want to buy from China, pay in Iran, or buy from China to deliver in Iran, you have to bear costs. These costs include the price of goods, exchange and bank fees for currency conversion and remittance, the cost of transporting goods by land, sea and air methods, customs fees at the origin, customs fees at the destination and domestic transportation fees.

Recommendations for buying from China and points to follow.

When buying from China, if you follow some tips, you can make a better purchase. Therefore, it will be useful to remember these points.

Learn the art of bargaining.

This issue is one of the important issues that can increase your purchasing power. Of course, remember that there is no point in haggling for lump sum prices. Bargaining skills help you get the quality product you want at a better and more reasonable price and thus increase your profit margin.

Be aware of counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit goods are abundant in the Chinese market. This is especially true when it comes to electronics. Be sure to try the product you want before buying either in part or in general.

Sometimes there are unreasonable discounts for items. Be sure to doubt these items. Of course, sellers of counterfeit goods know that a large discount may be suspicious, so they may not discount it much and quote a high price for their product. You should be aware of these things.

Be firm but polite.

Sometimes you may offer very low prices that will make the seller angry. You should keep your cool and avoid any insults and inappropriate behavior.

Use reliable shipping companies.

When buying in bulk from China, pay attention to the shipping companies so that, God forbid, you don't lose your capital. Be sure to contract with reliable companies and don't lose the reliability of the company because of low prices.

Use native people as your representatives.

It is better for you to have a Chinese representative that you can use in the process of concluding the contract. Local representatives can have many advantages for you. These people can help you tremendously due to their familiarity with the environment, culture and customs. Native people can help you find a reliable manufacturer in the pre-purchase phase. At the time of purchase, they can be of great benefit to you in the process of bargaining and closing agreements and memorandums, as well as after purchase, in controlling and tracking your load.

What kind of goods can you get more profit by buying from China?

If you buy from China in order to start a business and sell it in Iran, the answer to this question cannot be certain. Because it depends on many things. But in general, there is no product that is 100% guaranteed and will definitely give you a lot of profit.

You need to do a lot of research in this area. You must have a lot of experience or consult with those who have a lot of experience. You should be able to check the market demand and needs. You should know what goods are allowed to enter Iran. Check the side costs and know the price of the goods at the destination. 

In this field, purchasing brokers from China can help you. These people have a lot of experience in these matters and therefore they can provide you with a lot of services.

There are also many trading companies that can provide consulting services or even purchase from China for you. So you can entrust the work to them with peace of mind and don't worry about it.