importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company

importing goods from China in shortest time and lowest cost with Alivala Trading Company


The most and best goods imported from China

best goods for importing from China

best goods for importing from China
best goods for importing from China

What are the best imported goods from China?

Importing from China is one of the most prosperous businesses. In this article, we want to talk about the best goods to import from China. One of the best goods that can be imported from China  is fabric , especially silk fabric. Silk fabric is one of the goods that is produced in the best possible quality by Chinese manufacturers. Also, silk fabric is one of the very old products of China and has a long history

As you know, China is producing a variety of high-quality products, which by exporting these products to the whole country, has been able to meet the needs of many global markets. In fact, the use of Chinese products can be cost-effective for many consumers. take into account and meet your needs using these products, in fact, we want to provide you with information about the best goods imported from China

In general, all the products produced in China have the ability to be included in the list of the best products, but in general, it chooses products such as bags and clothes as the best options, while you want to import shoes. you can import these products to Iran easily and without any trouble and meet the needs of many people, but regarding clothes, I can say that clothes can be considered one of the best imported goods from China. The reason is that the customs of China are very close to our country, people can use these clothes to meet their general needs.

Apart from these cases, it is possible to easily import products into the country by using commercial companies that are very knowledgeable in this field. In fact, you can get help from very large and reliable commercial companies so that you can learn different ways and methods and small details. Find out in this area

In these cases, different phones can be considered as another very popular option in the field of importing the best goods from China. When you want to buy a very high-quality product in various Iranian shops, you can note that these products are produced They are from China, and by using these products, you can understand their quality well, while Xiaomi is one of the most popular types of phones imported from China, and it has attracted many fans in recent years.

Clothing is always imported from this country. Audio and video equipment is another one of these goods. Laptops, computers and mobile phones always enter Iran from China

According to estimates, in the last three years, the import of Xiaomi phones has attracted more attention than other brands, and the price of this phone is very reasonable in China, and the demand for its purchase is always felt in Iran, so Xiaomi phones are one of the best imported products from Another product that always has a very good price in China is all kinds of vegetables. Beetroot is also imported from China to Iran for sugar production. To get more information about this, you can refer to the rest of the text.

Easy import of the best goods from China

In order to  import from China in the most convenient way possible, you need to refer to reputable businesses such as Ali Wala Trading. This company will introduce you to the best goods imported from China. It will also import your purchased goods through a contract. does it online, then it achieves your satisfaction as soon as possible by packing and carrying out transportation and customs work.

During the contract, this company undertakes to deliver your goods to you completely safe at the known quality and price. Also, if financial damage occurs to your goods, the company guarantees to pay you the financial loss. It is very low from China with Aliwala Trading Company. The special representatives and experts of Aliwala Trading Company have received the necessary training in the field of import and giving you advice and are fully familiar with customs laws.

Internet import of the most profitable goods from China 

Internet import is an easy way to buy from other countries. You can also do online shopping with the help of Aliwala Trading Company. In this purchase, you should pay attention to buy profitable goods. If the purchase cost is higher, your income will increase

You can get the necessary help from the experts of this company regarding the import procedures, of course, there is no need to carry out the procedures personally, because during the contract, this company undertakes all the import procedures from China, in this way, you will get the best imported goods from China. you receive

Buying goods from China has a lot of benefits for traders and businessmen in this  field. In principle, the increase in demand for various goods makes import considered as one of the good opportunities to gain profit and ultimately the prosperity and progress of business. to be

Importing goods from China is more suitable for traders than other countries in the world, and importing goods from this country can be the best opportunity to create a new market in your country. Importing from this country has many and varied advantages.

China is one of the most powerful and large countries in the field of trade in the world, which produces and supplies various goods and products to the world markets. For this reason, a professional trader with the help of many years of experience and novice traders with the help of experienced experts and consultants in In this field, they can choose the best goods imported from China and get a high profit by buying and selling them

List  of the most  imported goods from China

Every year, the customs provides statistics on the amount of exports and imports from different foreign countries. The list of products that have been imported from China to our country in recent years is diverse and many. For example, we can introduce some of these imported goods as the best imported goods from China. Among these goods, the following items can be mentioned. did

Different types of food

Food for aquatic animals

Vegetable seeds

 All kinds of passenger cars and trucks


Various stationery



Clothes and bags



Kitchen Utensils


Why are electronic devices among the best imported goods from China?

In today's world, technology and digital equipment are very important, and for this reason, importing advanced and smart equipment such as smart watches with new and diverse brands can be considered among the ideal and excellent options for importing from China, as well as mobile phones and laptops. Tops are among the smart electronic devices that are among the most consumed products in today's world, and there is hardly anyone who does not use one or both of them. Living in today's world is highly dependent on these products. Due to the corona virus, most of the work that we used to do face-to-face has been turned into non-face-to-face methods, and many people continue their work offline and online, as well as students, due to the corona virus, they have to cancel their studies. They continue through non-attendance and online methods and learn educational materials online, and university teachers and professors alsoIn this way, they provide them with the necessary training, so it can be said that the types of mobile phones, laptops and their accessories such as chargers, phone cases, headphones and hands-free and other items are among the useful and practical products that can Considered as the best goods imported from China

What do the best imported goods from China depend on?

The issue of what are the best imported goods from China depends on which country in the world the goods are sent to the customs and also depends on the level of demand in a country's market for Chinese goods.

In order to be able to find out the exact list of goods imported from China to all countries, as well as the amount of transactions and exchanges for the goods, we suggest that you refer to the websites of commercial and manufacturing and global marketing companies, or consult consultants. And get help from experts in this field so that you can analyze the market well before you pay for this work and avoid wasting your capital and money.

Most of the goods imported from China to our country have high profits. In the following, we will introduce the list of the most important and best imported goods from China, but be careful that this list is not a complete list of imported Chinese goods, and for a better and more accurate examination of the condition of imported goods, it is better to consult with experts and with Consult experience in this field

List of imported items from China

As we said, we would like to introduce you to the list of the main and best imported goods from China, including industrial machinery, machine spare parts, stationery and stationery, various types of passenger cars and heavy vehicles. such as trucks, etc., various toys, all kinds of clothes, packaged food, agricultural products such as rice, corn, wheat and barley, agricultural equipment; Building and construction products, various types of irons, alloy steels, clay, foodstuffs, various vegetables and fruits, legumes, shrimps, citrus fruits, spices, medicinal plants, fancy appliances, various household appliances, decor, All kinds of decorative boxes and other mentioned items

It is possible that in the list above, most of the goods that we have mentioned are among the best imported goods from China, which you may have been surprised to see, even if some of these goods are not among the most profitable Chinese imported goods in your opinion, and even their existence You may find it funny in this list, but in any case, you cannot deny the fact that these goods are among the best sources of income for China.

Strange goods imported from China

It is better to know that in the list of goods imported from China, there are items and goods that you may be surprised to find. Mentioned below

Various decorative objects such as statues or wooden decorative items, which may not be seen as necessary in our country at first glance

 Various handicrafts such as maraq, turning, inlay, mesh and more

Jewelry box

Spoon and fork box


 Support and pantyhose




The best goods imported from China

Imported goods from China that are classified as the best and most profitable are selected according to various factors and can be different based on issues such as customer taste and customer needs in different countries.

In the following, we introduce the best goods to import from China to Iran

 Industrial machinery and parts 

Car accessories 


Computer and mobile accessories and parts 

Chemical and mineral raw materials 

Construction parts and all kinds of household appliances

The most goods imported  from China  in  2018 and 2019

In recent years, Iran has imported a lot of goods from China. In order to know the best goods imported from China, it is better to take a look at the list of the most goods imported from China in 1998 and 1999. These goods are:

 Cereals 3.6 billion US dollars 13.2% of total imports 

Machinery, including computers and laptops, $3.5 billion, 13% of total imports

Electrical machinery and equipment $2.1 billion, 7.8% of total imports

Medical and technical optical devices 1.3 billion dollars 4.9% percent of total imports

Organic chemicals $1.3 billion, 4.6% of total imports

Pharmaceuticals 1.1 billion dollars 4.2% percent of total imports

Oilseeds $1 billion, 3.8% of total imports

Food industry waste, animal fodder, $922.6 million, 3.4% of total imports  

 Plastic and plastic products $911.2 million, 3.4% of total imports 

Vegetable, animal fats, waxes, oils, 817.3 million dollars, 3% of the total import 

As we mentioned, various goods can be among the best imported goods made of denim, which detailed investigation and research on them will greatly help the success of your business. The best and most profitable goods imported from China in categories They are divided in different ways that understanding them can help you a lot in your import work

Some good suggestions on importing profitable goods from China

 There are many profitable products to import from China and the demand for Chinese goods is increasing day by day. China can supply all its products all over the world

 China is a highly productive country and can meet the needs and demands of its customers all over the world. Traders know that they can have many options to explore in China

 But choosing the best and most profitable product is very important when importing from China. Otherwise, you'll keep switching over the years. Here are the most profitable and popular products to import from China.

  Small vehicles and spare parts 

 The automobile market is growing day by day  , and China is one of the leading suppliers of automobiles and spare parts. In addition, many countries import various car parts for repair. This is the best industry that can bring many opportunities and profits for export companies

 Chinese manufacturers understand the needs of their customers and therefore often introduce new models

 In this way, China not only supplies auto parts, but also promotes new initiatives in the auto industry.

 The most demanded vehicle is the motorcycle because it is suitable for the developing countries of the world. Also, the motorcycle is efficient and very easy to maintain. Therefore, for traders, vehicles are the best opportunity to make significant profits


 Plastic goods are in high demand and the reason is urbanization. There are a large number of plastic consumers around the world and they can import most plastic products from China at a low price. Plastic is the primary material used in packaging, for toys, It is used to make bottles and in many industries as a raw material for the preparation of goods. Due to the high consumption of plastic, there is a high demand for it and it provides a high profit margin for imports

 However, in most regions, local suppliers are struggling to meet the demand for plastic. But since its demand is increasing day by day, importing plastic from China has become a necessary requirement


 Brushes, be it makeup or color, are used by the masses. So, you can enter them to earn profit

 Brushes vary greatly in quality, as some come with synthetic fibers while others are synthetic. So, choose the item which is highly required by the customers and start your business knowing now women are very much concerned about the quality of the products. So be careful when using makeup brushes. They come in different sizes and designs, consider customer demand when importing brushes. If you are looking for the best products to import from China, brushes are the most practical choice.


 Clothing is the basic need of every human being and therefore it is always in demand. China offers you high-quality materials and clothing that can be imported anywhere in the world. You can import second-hand clothes from many countries, such as America or England or Japan. Well, since China offers you the best quality, so now most of the importers prefer Chinese new clothes to import.

 Now Chinese suppliers are trying to make clothes according to customers' demand, traditions and customs. Many importers buy Chinese textiles and alter them to create new clothing or decorative items in their city.

 And since you buy clothes in bulk, it lowers the price and gives you the profit you need. There is no doubt that clothing and textiles are the most profitable products imported from China


 Selling toys can be a profitable business anywhere on the planet. But the point is, which type of toy should you bring in?

 Also, it can only be a good option if you have a large crowd of kids. Otherwise, you will lose all your investments. So, try to consider these factors before importing toys from China

 Well, China can provide you with all kinds of toys for kids of all ages at low prices. Take some time to research the market demand and then make a wise decision on the tool you import

 Chinese markets offer you unique and new toys at the lowest possible cost. It's real and toys generate a significant margin of revenue


 You can import anything from China, and it gives you a huge profit margin, but shoes are at the top. China offers all kinds of shoes such as sneakers, running shoes, soccer shoes, pumps, platform heels, wedge heels, stilettos and many more.

 China is self-sufficient in raw materials and labor is very cheap, which is why manufacturers offer goods at the lowest prices. And you can resell all these products to earn a high profit margin


 The demand for quality furniture and home decor items is increasing with time. Everyone wants to raise the standard of living and there they try to provide unique, new and fashionable goods. Just like other items, China can also provide you with the latest furniture designs

 Importing large goods from the border is a bit difficult. But since home decor and high standards are like necessary evils, you can make the necessary profit. Therefore, this is one of the most vital factors in increasing the demand for furniture to be imported from China

Sports equipment

 Everyone wants to keep it healthy and fit these days. In addition to exercise, exercise is also one of the cheapest and best ways to keep fit and get the body you need

 To exercise, you need equipment or you have to join a gym, while exercise is almost free. In addition, games allow you to breathe in fresh air and instill sportsmanship in players. That's why today people prefer sports to women

 This is the reason why you will be in high demand for sports equipment. Customers request sports equipment such as football, volleyball, racket, stick, ball and many more.

 Therefore, you can earn a lot of profit. Moreover, all these goods are very easy to import and do not require extra care. Therefore, it can be the best option for your business

List of goods imported from China to Iran

According to the United Nations International Trade Database (COMTRADE), Iran's imports from China in 2018 were around 10.25 billion dollars. In the following, you will see the list of goods imported from China to Iran:

Machines , boilers

Electrical and electronic equipment

Vehicles other than railways, trams

Organic chemicals

Iron and steel and iron or steel products

Plastic and rubber

Paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard pulp products

Miscellaneous chemical products

Optical, photo, technical, medical devices

Inorganic chemicals

Importing goods from China

The company imports goods from China

The company imports goods from China
The company imports goods from China

In the past decades, due to having a cheap and abundant labor force, China has been able to become the main hub of goods production in the world by mass production of various goods, for this reason, usually many import companies in the world turned to importing goods from China. Aliwala company is one of the most important and largest companies importing goods from China. Now, if you are looking for more information about importing goods from China and getting to know more about this country and its economy, stay with us in the rest of this article.

What are the companies that import goods from China ?

Due to the increase in inflation and the price of domestic goods, many people thought of importing from other countries, especially China. The cheapness of Chinese goods and their variety due to their quality and design have made them welcome by Iranian businessmen. In this way, institutions and companies have been created that import from different countries

There are many companies that import goods from China, but one of the most important and popular ones is Alivala trading Company  It prefers its customers over profit. The health of your goods is guaranteed with Aliwala Trading. With this company, there is no need to spend transportation  and accommodation costs in China, but you can easily buy any goods you want from Enter China

As you know, in recent decades, China is one of the giant countries in the field of exporting products in the world. In fact, this country has been able to attract the attention of many businessmen by producing products of different qualities, but in this part, we are going to talk about Companies that import goods from China provide you with information

In general today, due to the huge increase in inflation and high prices inside the country, many people have thought of importing different and different products from neighboring countries and very large trading countries, while Chinese goods are usually cheap and their variety is due to the quality and designs. The presence of various businessmen made them welcome many businessmen. The presence of various businessmen intend to import products to Iran using trading companies. From these cases, many different trading companies are being established today, and with the production of these companies, many businessmen can import. Importing Chinese goods to Iran are companies that import goods from China, which by receiving advice from other companies, were able to gain a lot of great experience in this field and hire various consultants that many businessmen can get help from these consultants. work in this field as well.

Costs of import companies

All trading and import companies determine different costs compared to the product you want to import into Iran. Sometimes, the cost of importing your goods may be so high that you have to earn a large part of the profit in Iranian markets. spend on these products, but in general, you should know that there are very reliable trading companies that will charge appropriate fees, such as transportation costs, costs of manufactured products, customs fees are also very important in this way that you when Finding companies that import goods from China, you should also pay attention to these costs so that you can divide them using your main capital.

You should also be careful with sojo companies because there are many companies that want to get extra money from you without providing any help, in this case these companies are considered to be reputable companies and cannot provide you with much help. but before cooperating with all kinds of companies, it is better to get information about these companies and also get information about the previous history of different companies so that you can choose one of the best.

The main duties of importing companies

The main task of the importing companies is to provide you with help so that you can easily deal with the problems facing the representative in this situation and location. The companies offer many small tips to their customers and if there are problems in This was created for them to be able to solve them easily

The representatives of the companies that import goods from China are fully familiar with how to import from this country and the tax laws and duties, and they will introduce you to how to import goods from China . It will follow a lot for you. To get more information about this, you can study the rest of the text

Duties of companies importing goods from China

The companies that import goods from China have almost the same duties, but one of them undertakes all the steps, and that company is Ali Bala Trading. he does

Then he informs his representatives to pack your goods and bring them to the customs stage. After paying the duties and taxes and checking your goods at the customs, the goods will be sent to you. In this way, you will not have any role in importing the goods. Rather, by means of a contract, you will entrust all the work to the commercial representatives of Aliwala   .

The cost of services of purchasing companies from China

The services that companies importing goods from China provide to people are done for a small fee. If you are looking for the cheapest of these companies, our suggestion will be Aliwala Trading Company. Your communication methods with this company are internet contact or You can call them and ask them your questions for free

Definitely, these people will try to guide you as much as possible so that you can experience the best import from China and at the same time pay the lowest costs. Experience has shown that importing with the help of this company brings a lot of profit to merchants and the economic market trend. It becomes internal


The most important services of companies importing goods from China to customers

Validation of Chinese goods and necessary negotiations

If you are looking to import goods from China, you must go to one of the import companies because these companies can validate the goods you want with the help of their teams and representatives in this country and send you a sample. If it is accepted by you, they can prepare and import the desired goods for you after conducting the necessary negotiations

Confirmation of the proforma invoice for your money transfer to China

When you intend to buy a product, you can find an invoice from the seller with the help of import companies from China, and if you approve, hand over an amount of the contract amount to the company to convert it to the appropriate currency of this country. You have purchased the desired product

Transportation of your imported goods

Once you reach an agreement on the desired imported product and buy it, all the customs matters and issues related to the transportation of goods from China and the issues of Chinese customs are done by the companies importing goods from China and you can refer to Iran customs and doing the work related to Iranian customs, take delivery of your desired product

The volume of products of companies importing goods from China

Maybe many of us have become familiar with their Chinese samples when buying various goods. In recent years, due to the embargo of European and American countries, many import companies turned to importing goods from China, therefore, China has a general knowledge. which is sold in the Iranian market, has been able to produce many goods that meet the needs of us Iranians, for example, most of the black chador fabric is supplied by import companies from China, and this shows that Chinese manufacturers have a deep understanding of Iranian customers. It is possible that the volume of goods imported from China to Iran is very high, so that the main amount of imports of our country belongs to China.

The best-selling goods imported from China to Iran 

As mentioned above, the amount of goods imported from China is very high, but a series of Chinese items that have the highest amount of sales and imports in Iran include the following

Machine parts

  Car accessories


 Mobile phone parts

  Chemical and  mineral raw materials

 Home Appliances 

 Construction parts

 Plastic accessories

 All kinds of lighting equipment

 Faucets and   construction plumbing equipment

 Women's clothes


 bolt  and nut

  All kinds of fabrics

The most important  advantages of importing goods from China, which has led to the establishment of companies  importing goods from China

Importing goods from China has many advantages, that's why in the last few years, many people started buying goods from China , and this has led to the establishment and formation of companies importing goods from China. Mentioned the following

The cheapness of Chinese goods

China has a lot of cheap labor due to its human population, which has caused this country to produce many products at low prices, and many companies importing goods from China therefore seek to import goods from this country. country, because in the Iranian market, such products, which have a reasonable price, have a special sale

China is a source of production of rare goods 

Chinese manufacturing companies usually have many creative ideas, that's why many useful and rare goods that are needed by the people of the society can be found in China because there are many manufacturing companies due to mass production in this country. and because of the competitive environment between them, usually the rarest and most interesting goods are produced in this country for the first time

Best quality always available 

Many people, when shopping, if they see a product with a low price and a Chinese brand, think that this product has low quality, but it is important to know that this is a false belief because many companies manufacturing goods in China all their products. in terms of quality, and also all the companies importing goods from China can first receive the samples of the goods and purchase them if approved.

High profit import from China

Importing goods from China has the most profit among all imports from all over the world because the price of imported Chinese items is very cheap, and this causes the companies importing goods from China to gain a lot of profit in this way. 
The best import methods From China, the cost of services for companies importing goods from China

All companies importing goods from China have to pay a lot of costs, including the cost of purchasing goods, transportation costs, storage costs, freight costs, etc., but the largest amount of costs in this field can be calculated by adding up the costs of the following items. Gained

The cost of picking up the goods from the origin to the port or airport

The cost of goods clearance from Iranian customs

Cost of goods clearance from China customs

 The cost of transporting goods from Iran's customs and airport to the desired warehouse

By adding up the cost of these items, we can reach the amount of capital needed to import goods from China, but note that these companies must also pay the cost of changing their money and converting it to yuan.

The most important points that companies importing goods from China should follow

They must visit the factory that produces the goods

Try to emphasize on the delivery of your goods because the delay in delivery will increase the costs

 Before establishing the company, always read the international regulations and follow all the rules

 Measure the quality of the product you want and try to import high quality products

 Keep all documents related to each transaction

 After receiving the shipment, do a general check on it to avoid any losses

 To import goods from China, every company must have a strong support team to help you in all matters

last word

One of the best and most reliable companies importing goods from China is Aliwala Company, which makes all its products from the highest quality products and provides them to its customers. This company is a reliable company that has many branches in It is an import